Trap Monitor - Application Examples

Learn more about some common TrapMon® applications and usage scenarios. For more information please contact us.

Rat, Rabbit, Stoat & Possum Control
TrapMon® Rat, Rabbit, Stoat & Possum Control

TrapMon® Rat, Rabbit, Stoat & Possum Control allows humane live animal capture. Our live capture traps will notify you when an animal has been caught. Receive instantly catch notifications via email, smart phone or check trap events online in your TrapMon® web center.

Check out our range of Havahart easy-set animal traps that catch anything from a tiny mouse to a small dog.

Stray Cat Control
TrapMon® Stray Cat Control

TrapMon® Stray Cat Control makes cat trapping more efficient by letting you know when a cat has been caught.

TrapMon® instant notifications allow wildlife organisations such as the SPCA or Cat Rescue attending to the trapped cat much faster than previously. Shorter respond times means the trap can be re-set sooner. The built-in GPS functionality provides localisation and tracking functionality.


Since we started using TrapMon® our business has saved thousands of dollars in operational expenses. Our staff now services more traps and our local service area has expanded.

John - Pest Controller

Leading Technology

Trapmon traps use the latest technology.

  • 3G Wireless
  • GPS Enabled
  • Cloud Computing
  • Google Maps Geotracking
  • Easy Set & Release
Cloud Computing Google Maps
Professional Pest Control
TrapMon® for Professional Pest Controllers

TrapMon® advanced animal trap monitoring provides professional pest controllers with a whole range of benefits over conventional animal trapping.

  • Instant catch notifications allow fast response times.
  • Built-in GPS functionality makes trap localisation and trap planning easy.
  • Fast response times increase catch rates. The trap can be re-set much faster than previously.
  • Save travel time & cost by attending to the trap only after an animal has been caught.
Cat & Dog Rescue
TrapMon® Cat & Dog Rescue

Pet owners and animal wellfare organisations can reduce animal stress with TrapMon® monitored traps.

Cat and dog traps are used to find and catch lost cats or small dogs. Instant catch notifiactions minimise response times and reduce animal stress. We have a range of rental traps available which can be hired at a small fee.

TrapMon® traps provide trap rental operators such as animal wellfare organisations with tools to monitor the usage of their equipment. This reduces misuse of the equipment and ensures compliance with trapping regulations.

Learn more about the Trapmon® animal trap models.