• Humane Animal Trapping

    Minimize animal stress with trap monitoring.

  • Realt-time notifications via Email and SMS

    Get real-time notifications via Email & SMS.

  • Effective Stray Cat Control

    Effective stray and feral cat control 24/7.

  • Better Catch Rates

    Better catch rates with real-time monitoring.

  • Save Time and Money

    Save time & money with monitored traps.

Trap Monitor -
Smart-Alert Live-Capture Animal Trapping

Welcome to TrapMon® the novel live-capture animal trapping and monitoring solution for professional trappers, wildlife protection organisations and pest controllers.


TrapMon® develops smart-alert animal trapping technology. Our products make animal trapping more humane, cost-effective and safe. TrapMon® products are developed and manufactured in New Zealand. They can be retro-fitted to most traps.


Since we started using TrapMonĀ® our business has saved thousands of dollars in operating expenses. Our staff now services more traps and our local service area has expanded.
John - Pest Controller

Key Benefits

The key benefits of TrapMon® SMS-Alert animal traps are
  • Smart-Alert: Receive instant catch notifications via SMS and email on your smartphone or tablet computer.
  • Improved catch rates: Reduced response times and longer up times allow you to catch more.
  • Humane trapping: Smart-alert technology minimises animal stress.
  • Trap tracing: Built-in GPS technology allows easy trap finding, service planing and location mapping.
  • Cost-effective: Improved processes and workflow save time and reduce travel and labour costs.

How It Works

How Trapmon Works

TrapMon® SMS-Alert monitoring is the most efficient way to humane live-capture animal trapping & stray cat control. Instant SMS alerts and notification emails sent from your trap keep you informed 24/7. Learn how TrapMon® live-capture SMS-alert traps work and how we can help you save time & money while improving your catch rates.

More about Trapmon

Monitoring Tools

Monitoring Tools

TrapMon® user-friendly trap monitoring tools keep you informed about your trap day and night via smart phone, internet or email. TrapMon® customers benefit from easy & convenient web access from anywhere in the world. Latest 3G & GPS technologies provide convenient geo-tracking and advanced mapping features using Google Maps.

Monitoring Tools

Humane Animal Traps

Humane Animal Traps

TrapMon® and Havahart® live animal capture traps catch anything from a tiny mouse to a small dog. We have an extensive range of patented Havahart® Easy-Set and TrapMon® SMS-alert live-capture traps available. Our animal traps are a "Must-Have" for all professional trappers, wildlife protection agencies and pest controllers.

Trapmon Animal Traps



Learn how TrapMon® makes professional animal trapping more efficient and cost-effective while reducing animal stress. Typical applications are professional control of common animal pests such as Rats, Rabbits, Stoats & Possums, trapping of stray or ferral cats as well as cat & dog rescue applications. Our case studies show how our SMS-alert animal traps help you save time & money. Professional trappers run their business more efficiently with TrapMon's advanced trapping technology.

Trapmon Applications

Sales & Hire Options

Sales & Hire Options

See our sales information and price plans. We have a complete range of Havahart® professional live-capture and TrapMon® SMS alert animal traps available. There is also a wide range of accessories on offer including battery chargers, antennas and signal boosters. If you have a question or are not sure what model to choose get in touch with our sales team. They are here to help with all your questions and queries.

Trapmon Sales & Hire

Customer Service

Customer Service

Our friendly customer service team is ready to help with all your questions and service enquiries. Whether it is a technical question, account enquiry, trapping tips & tricks, feedback or a warranty claim, we are happy to help.
Please feel free to get in touch with us via email, phone or website contact form. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 to 48 hours.

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